Holy Childhood Craft Show!


This was our 2nd year doing the Holy Childhood craft show, and it was so much fun, yet again! This was the front of our booth.  We had these “cubbies” and I placed my un-paper towels in them, front and center.  Chris placed white lights behind them for me.     On the one side, […]

Our Fall 2014 Craft Shows!


Because of my work schedule, I sadly did not think I was going to be able to attend any craft shows this year.   I was in retail management and working 60-70 hours with only 1 day off a week, and that would have been too difficult to make products to sell at craft shows. […]

Tackling my first serger.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging because I was so overwhelmed with my craft shows this year, and then before I knew it, the holidays were upon us.  I found myself shopping just a week before Christmas, not realizing that Christmas was just a week […]

11/9/13 Craft Show in Brockport, NY


Yes, I did another craft show today!  This one was in Brockport, NY. (Brockport Kiwanis) It was about a little over an hour from home.  This is so far the longest we’ve driven to go to a craft show.  I was extremely excited about this show because it was supposed to be *HUGE*.  There were  […]