DIY: Easiest way to clean a ceiling fan!

***WARNING*** The below images may be harmful to viewers.  If you are a clean-freak or have dirt-phobia, the below pictures may scar you for life.  I am not responsible for damage to your monitor or keyboard if these pictures cause you to spew something on them.  I am also not responsible for any scarring images in  your head.  These images may cause gasping, shortness of breath, and possible shrieking.  You have been warned.


We have a normal, 2-story home, and when I clean the house, for some reason, I forget to look up.  Eye level and below gets cleaned, but who thinks about the ceiling?  Apparently not me. I am not proud of this by any means.  In my defense, my BF is in charge of the fan.  Meaning, he turns it on, turns it off, and changes the bulb when it needs it.  So it’s not really my fault that I never noticed the ceiling fan had been neglected.  Is it? 😀

So here is our ceiling fan.  (keep in mind the warning above).    Yes, this is GROSS!  Dirty, dusty, disgusting.  I’m so ashamed.


So if I were to grab some towels or even a duster, what is going to happen?   It’s going to go EVERYWHERE.   Dust, dirt, etc – is going to consume the room.

So, I grabbed an old pillow case.


And slid it over the blade of the fan. And I put my hands on both the top & bottom of the blade, and slide the pillow case off the blade.  This way, the disgusting-ness stays INSIDE the pillowcase, and not all over the room.   I did this for all the blades.


When I was done with all the fan blades, I was left with this, inside my pillow case. Gross. Me. Out. The. Door. 


I brought the pillowcase outside, flipped it right side out, and gave it a few good shakes – and all the dust and stuff was gone from the pillow case.  (It then went directly into the laundry bin).

I then grabbed my home made furniture spray and gave the blades a good cleaning.  It left them shiny and clean again!


And for now on when I’m cleaning, I’ll take a gander upwards and make sure there’s nothing on the ceiling that needs a cleaning.  This will also spare me from embarrassing myself again. :)

Lesson learned.




  1. They make things to clean the fan blades. Not sure what they’re called but they look like oversized toilet bowl cleaning brushes. They trap most of the dust and then you knock them outside against something.

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