DIY: Easy Sweet Potato dog treat chews


Have you ever actually looked closely at the ingredients in store bought sweet potato treats?  Our Walmart removed a bunch of them off the shelves for a recall a while back, and that made me really think about what we are feeding our dogs.  Our dogs LOVE sweet potatoes, so I decided to make my own.  You can make them with just ONE ingredient. You guessed it, sweet potatoes!

I used my baking sheets with a rack on them, so the oven would dry out both sides at once.  You can use just a regular baking sheet without the grid, you’ll just have to turn them over after 2 hours.


Just slice your sweet potatoes any way you’d like.  You can cut the potatoes lengthwise if you’d like, or even like “fries”.  I just sliced them into round disks.  I cut mine rather thin, about 1/4 of an inch.


Then just put them on your baking sheets, and bake at 250º for about 4 hours, or until they are the consistency you want.  Thicker slices will be more chewy, and thinner slices will be more crispy. I made a mixture of both.


After 4 hours, you will see they have really shriveled up a lot!


Noah loves his sweet potatoes.  Who am I kidding, he’ll eat anything.  He’s like a canine garbage disposal.


Maxi loves them too!   Nom nom nom.


All 5 of our dogs love these treats, and we have a few finicky chihuahuas in the bunch of them.   And the best part, is we know what’s in them, no additives, and nothing harmful to our furbabies!