DIY: Frozen yogurt drop dog treats!


I spend a lot of time making dog treats of all sorts.  We have 5 small dogs, and not only are the store bought treats expensive, but they are not all that healthy.   With so many recalls on dog food treats, I try to make as many as I can myself.   This way I know what’s going in them.  These treats are the easiest EVER.  All you need is plain yogurt and a baking sheet.  A spoon and a plastic baggie will make the job easier though!

If you have a baggie, put about two or three big scoops of yogurt in it, and then cut off one corner.  You will be able to squeeze out perfect sized yogurt drops with this method.


Once you have all your yogurt drops on the baking sheet, place it in the freezer.  They should be frozen in about an hour.


Then, just pop them off the baking sheet, and store in an airtight container.

Your dogs will love this cold, yummy treat!   And if they are anything like ours, they will sit there and keep begging for more!


Nom nom nom ………….  Sammy loves these!



    1. Yes, I store mine in an airtight container in the freezer. Otherwise, they will just turn back to yogurt in the fridge, or they would spoil if left out of refrigeration.

  1. awesome thanks I think my new puppy is going to love these and I hav been trying to give her only natural products- I just saw your recipe for 3 ingregient treats going to try those as well.

    1. The 3-ingredient recipe is a great one, because you can mix it up with so many different ingredients! Your dog will never be bored with their yummy treats :)

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