DIY: Home made soy candles with upcycled jars!



I made another batch of home made candles today!  As always, I used my soy wax flakes, and my fragrances from CandleWic.  I had some new scents come in last week and couldn’t wait to try them.   Today I made Banana Nut Bread, Blueberry Muffin, Sage & Citrus, and Sugar Cookie scented candles.

I upcycled a bunch of old jars, some of my own and some that my mom saved for me.  The little glass jars with a ruffled edge, I picked up about 20 of them at the local Salvation Army for about 29¢ each.

Here they are, right after I finished pouring them.   My trusty plastic knives keep the wicks in place!

The last large jar in the front to the right – that is only 1/3 full is done like that on purpose.  I’m going to do a layered candle with different scents for that one.


They are about halfway set in this pic.  You can see how the colors are changing.


And here they are, completely set!   And they smell sooo good!



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  2. Cris Henry says:

    What type of wax are you using here?

  3. Debby Maar says:

    which soy wax do you use? I’ve used a few different ones and haven’t found one I truly like yet.

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