DIY: How to clean hardwater stains, faucets & sinks with one household product!


I have had hardwater rings around my kitchen sink faucet for what seems like forever.  I’ve tried all of the store brands to clean it, but nothing worked.  Even my trusty ol’ Comet and Brillo pads did not even touch it.

So today I thought I would try one last thing.   Vinegar.  Just regular, white vinegar.

I had just cleaned my sinks, and then poured a little vinegar in them to give them an extra cleaning.  I drenched some paper towels with the vinegar, and wrapped them around my faucet, everywhere I had those ugly hardwater rings.  I then let them sit for about 1/2 an hour.


I also poured some vinegar into a baggie, and then wrapped the baggie around the sprayer.

I noticed that some of the holes in the sprayer were clogged.


When I came back in 1/2 an hour and removed the paper towels from my sink, I couldn’t believe it.

The hardwater rings were GONE!!   They were so bad, I thought they were going to be there forever.  This was my last option.


Even my sprayer came out great!  No more clogged holes.


The power of vinegar is truly amazing.  My sink and faucets are now sparkling!

(I know they are scratched.. but they are very clean!)



  1. Wonder if this works for bathroom sinks ..not sure what those gunky yellow/black stuff are that are around my faucets. I’ll have to try this. Thanks.

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