DIY: How to fence in your yard the easy & more affordable way!

When I first bought this house, there was no fence in our back yard.  I had two small dogs at the time, and this was my first house, and I was not going to have my dogs on a chain outside. I wanted them to be able to roam free.  This was their home too, after all!

I contacted some fencing companies and was astounded at the prices I was quoted to fence in my back yard, which isn’t all that big.  I was quoted $4,000 and up.  My boss at the time told me she fenced in her yard with chicken-wire type fencing and posts.  I looked into that, but (1) I didn’t like the looks of it, and (2) I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it sturdy enough to keep the dogs from getting out.

I was looking online at Lowe’s and was checking out their kennels.  I read that you could connect two of them together, to make one really large kennel.  Hmm.  I still didn’t like the idea of locking them in a kennel.  I was having doggie doors installed in the house and wanted them to be able to run in and out when they wanted (during the day only, of course).

So I went to Lowes and checked out their kennels in person. When I was standing there looking at them, I had an epiphany. :)  How about getting them to go around the whole back yard?  While I was there, I noticed there were a few that had bent tops or bottoms and asked for a manager.  I told him how many I wanted and asked if I could get a discount on the ones with bent tops or bottoms, and he was happy to give me a discount on them.   I ended up having them delivered to my home.

I was able to put these up myself, because they are free standing.  They were very easy to put up, and I can even move them around if I wanted to, but I haven’t moved them in over 8 years.  My dad did come over and put in some stakes only because my back yard is on a slight incline, and it kept the fence from wobbling.  But I did “fence in” my entire back yard with kennel pannels.  They are 6′ high, so my dogs would never be able to jump over them.  2 of the panels have gates/doors in them, too.  So I have one door on each side of the yard.   And they actually don’t look bad, either.  In all, I think I spent around $1500 to fence in my entire back yard.  And the best part?  If I ever want to sell my house, I can take them down and move them with me to the next house if I so choose!  If I was to have the fence professionally installed, living here in NY, I would have needed permits, inspections, and all that other happy crap.  Since these are free standing, no permits and no inspections are needed!  Take that, NY! 😀

$1500 using kennel panels for a fencing ~vs~ $4,000 or more for professional 4′ fencing.  I’ll take the kennels anyday!

And I have to add, that we now have 5 dogs.  They are able to come and go through their doggie doors to the outside and play and come in any time they like.  And I have peace of mind, knowing they are secure in our back yard!

NOTE:  Keep in mind that you do not need to fence in your entire yard like I did.  You can use kennel panels to fence in whatever area you want to be fenced in.  My panels go right up to the house on both sides.


Left side of our back yard. You can see a gate all the way to the left.


Right side of our back yard. There is another gate on this side but you can’t see it in this photo.