DIY: How to make an easy heat pack or ice pack with rice!


If you ever use ice packs or heating pads, you are going to love this super simple tutorial!

(These also make great gifts for those who do use them, too!)

First, you will need a small piece of fabric.  I’m using a piece of one of the materials I got from a Rummage sale earlier this year.


Figure out the size you want your pack to be.  I wanted this one to be 8″ square.  I would have had to cut out two of them, but I cut on a fold and only needed to fold it and cut once.



Sew all 4 edges (or 3 edges, if you used a fold like I did), but make sure you leave an opening on one of the sides.

Make sure the opening is large enough so you can fill the bag with rice.


Turn it right side out.  Again, you can see the opening that I left.


Get your rice and fill the bag with your rice.  Do NOT fill all the way, about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way at the most.

If you don’t have a funnel (like me), I filled a little sandwich baggie with rice, and cut off one of the corners.  I placed that corner inside the opening of the bag to make it easier to fill the bag, and not make a mess.


If you want, you can even add a few drops of essential oils to the rice at this point.


Then just sew your bag back up, and be sure to close the gap you left.


When you are done, you have a rice pack that can be used for heat or cold!

To use it for heat, just place it in the microwave for about a minute (no longer than 30 second increments) or until it’s at the temperature you want.

You may want to place a cup of water in with the bag.  I’ve heard that rice can catch fire in the microwave, and placing a cup of water in the microwave with the bag should prevent that.  I’ve never done the water thing and I’ve never had any issues though.  But don’t heat it for more than 30 seconds at a time, and NEVER leave it in the microwave unattended.

When you have the temperature you want, just place the bag on your sore neck, arms, legs, etc.  It will stay nice and warm for a while!

Our Chihuahua had mastitis earlier this year, and I made one for her, to help the swelling go down (along with antibiotics).  It worked great!

If you want to use it as an ice pack, store it in the freezer!  It will stay nice and cold, and then you can apply it to the affected area that you need.



    1. You can use any fabric you like, flannel would be great, because it’s nice and soft! Two layers would work too, especially if you are very sensitive to the hot or cold.

  1. Thanks for the fast response! I’ll try it! So much cheaper to make than buying! With prices going up, finding a way to save is a blessing! Thanks for helping!

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