DIY: How to make glass tile pendants from photos


On May 30th of this year, I had to put my beloved Miniature Pinscher, Alexis, down.  This was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.  She was my BABY.  I had her since she was 10 weeks old, and I had her for just over 13 years.  In 2011 she was diagnosed with Diabetes, and for two years, she had to get two shots of insulin a day.   She had also eventually gone completely blind.  Alexis was the best dog ever.  For many years, she was all I had. There were days when the only time I would laugh, is when she would do something silly.  It was like she knew when I was sad.  She was a very playful, energetic, hilarious, and loving little girl.  I would cringe every year on her birthday (April 1st, April Fool’s Day!), because I knew she was a year older, and I didn’t want her to age.  Ever.  I needed her to stay with me forever.

After a few “scares”, the fateful day came when I had to make the hardest decision of my life.  Prolong her agony and keep her alive for ME, or do what was best for her and end her suffering.  Obviously, I knew in my heart that I had to do what was best for her, and I watched the life get sucked right out of her, while she was in my arms in the vet’s office.  My baby girl was gone.

I can’t even relay the pain I felt that day.  It’s been almost two months and the pain is still as strong today as it was that day.  I think about her every single day.  She was my first dog I ever had, and now she was gone. I was not prepared at all for the decisions I had to make.  Bury her?  Cremate her?  I did not like either option. But after getting lots of advice from friends & family, I decided on cremating her.

Then her remains came in, and having to pick her up as ashes.. well that’s another thing I was not prepared for.  Seeing my baby girl as ashes devastated me.  To this day, I still have not decided on a permanent home for her ashes.  Her favorite room was my craft room, because I spent so much time in here.  So I kind of wanted to put her in here, but my BF thinks she should go on the mantle in the living room above the fireplace.  So for now, I just keep moving her around until I can find someplace I’m comfortable with.  I don’t want her to just sit somewhere and be forgotten.

 Ok, so I’m getting to the tutorial now.  This is really the first time I’ve written about her passing in my blog and I feel I have to let it out.  Maybe someone else is going through this same grief, and wants a way to remember their baby.   I have been making these glass pendants for quite a few years now.  With Alexis passing, I wanted to make a pendant with her picture.  I have a color printer and a laser black & white printer, but I just wanted the black & white picture of her for this pendant.   So I printed out the picture I wanted. (I took this picture the day she passed).   It took a few tries, because the picture had to be small enough to fit on a glass tile.

Note:  You can also use an image from a magazine, cardstock, any design you would like on the necklace!

Here are my supplies. I bought most of them on Etsy (just search for glass pendant tile kits).

You can also see some of my other pendants I’ve made.



If you use an ink-jet printer, you will want to use MicroGlaze over the photo first, to keep the photo from bleeding through.  This will protect your photo.


I used a laser printer, so I don’t need it.


The tiles are 1″ square, and the same size as scrabble tiles.  They have a flat side and a slightly rounded side.


On the FLAT side of the tile, put a thin layer of your glass glaze.


Then press the picture, photo side DOWN, and smooth out all the bubbles.


When you flip it over, you will be able to see if there are any bubbles.  Press them out quickly.


Then let the tile dry for a couple of hours.

When it is dry, get your scissors and trim any excess paper on your picture.

You want the picture to fit on the tile perfectly.


Then get your glass glaze again, and place another layer of it on the back side of the photo, as well as on all of the edges.

You want to completely seal that photo in.


Let that dry for several hours – preferably overnight.

You will see that the glaze gives it a really nice shine.


The next day, or when you are positive the glaze is completely dried, get a little of your E-6000 or similar epoxy and place just a dab on the back of your bale, and attach it to the back of your tile.


Let it dry completely.


Then just add your chain.  Now you have a lovely keepsake pendant that you can treasure forever.