DIY: How to moisturize your hands overnight

moisturize I don’t know if the weather where you live is as brutal as it is here in NY, but the weather we experience in the winters KILLS my hands.  My hands get to the point where they start bleeding.  For me, it’s always the tops of my hands that dry out the most.  The fact that I wash my hands a trillion times a day doesn’t help either.  So, I’m forever putting lotion on my hands to keep them moisturized.   If you suffer from this problem, here’s what I do and it really helps a lot.


You will need:

  • Your favorite hand lotion
  • Disposable plastic/latex gloves
  • Scissors

Here’s what you do:

  1. Take your gloves and snip off the finger tips. My finger tips do not suffer from dryness, and cutting the tips off helps me get on with my day as if I’m not wearing gloves or lotions.    hands2
  2. Put the gloves on your hands.
  3. Squeeze a very generous amount of hand lotion inside the gloves and squish it around.  Make sure lotion is on all the very dry spots on your hands.  Leave on for a few hours, then take off, let your hands air out a little bit, and repeat.  If you do this before bedtime, leave them on all night, and just remove in the mornings.  You will be amazed at how soft your hands are when you wake up!

Note:  If your finger tips are cracked and dry, leave the finger tips on and make sure you get lotion in the finger tips of the gloves, so your hands are getting moisturized.

I’ve been doing this for years and it always helps.  I also do this for my feet, but I use socks  on my feet after I lather them up really good with lotion.


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