DIY: Never waste hand lotion again!


This is one of my very favorite hand lotions.  It smells great and really does a great job at moisturizing my hands.  I don’t like wasting any, so this is something I’ve been doing for years with all of my tubes of lotions.  (This is also great for people who have arthritis and squeezing the container is difficult for them).

All you need is a pair of scissors.  Cut the tube about 1/3 of the way down.




Squeeze out any excess lotion hiding in the corners of the top, and squeeze it into the bottom part of the tube.  Get as much out of the top as possible.


Now you can put the top, or the new “lid” back on the tube.  (You may have to squeeze the bottom part just slightly to get the top to fit over it)



Voila!  You have a new tube of lotion and you don’t have to waste any of it.   The container is shortened, but who cares?  No waste!


Now when you want some lotion, just pop off the top…


…and scoop some out with your finger.  You’re gonna get lotion on your hands anyways! :)

If you have a taller tube of lotion, just cut it down to the size you need.  And you can keep cutting until you get out every last bit.


**This method can also be used for makeup that is in similar tubes, or even toothpaste!   Pretty much anything in a tube :)

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