DIY: Make candles from melted crayons!


Do you have pieces of crayons you usually throw away?  Or maybe you have crayons that will just never get used.

Well instead of throwing them out, make some candles out of them!

Candles are just colored wax!  They melt easily and pour easily.

I made 2 different candles to show you how they will come out.

First, I threw in a bunch of colors into my melting pot and let them melt down.


To my disappointment (and I had a “duh” moment) – when mixed up, they turned into this putrid mud color.

But, it’s still melted wax, so you can still make a candle out of it, which is what I did.

I just used my glue gun to place a wick at the bottom of my jar to keep it in place, and poured in the wax.


Then I let that cool.

Next, I decided to do this a different way.

I don’t enjoy cleaning up wax, so I lined my melting pot with some aluminum foil, and placed only ONE color on the burner at a time, and let that color melt down.

First I did orange.


I poured that into my jar and let it cool.  And while the orange was cooling, I melted yellow (using new aluminum foil) in the melting pot.


After one color cooled, I poured the next color on top of it.  It was working ok until I got impatient and wanted to finish this little project, and I didn’t let my blue cool all the way, and it mixed with the pink.  No worries though, it just turned into a pink/blue marbled color on top!


They are now completely cooled and I have them lit.   They aren’t the most beautiful candles, but they are functional.

And, I just recycled a bunch of crayons that otherwise would be filling up landfills somewhere!


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