DIY: Make easy fire starters from lint!


Every time we have a family gathering at my parents’ house, before my brother & his wife leave, my mom says “oh wait! I have another bag for you downstairs in the basement”.  She goes downstairs and comes up with another Walmart grocery bag and hands it to my brother.

So out of curiousity (I mean come on, what is he getting that I am not?? lol)  I ask her what’s in the bag.  And she shows me.  She has these paper towel tubes filled with lint.  She said they are fire starters!  My brother uses them at his campsite to start fires.

Gotcha.  I don’t camp, I’m a 5-star hotel kinda girl.  I believe heat should come from a switch you turn on and off 😀  In fact, a friend once told me “camping is a tradition in my family”.  I responded with “camping was a tradition in ALL families, until houses were invented”.

So anyways, that’s why my mom gives him a new batch of fire starters every time she sees him.  And I am not one bit jealous that he’s getting lint, and I’m not. LOL

So anyways, I do WAY too much laundry (thanks to the BF, lol) and therefore, I have lots of lint left over.  And although we don’t use a whole lot of paper towels, we do use toilet paper – so I have lots of those little cardboard tubes.  Why throw them out?  I’ll make my little brother some more fire starters for his campsite with them.  He camps all summer long, so I’m sure he can use them.

They are EASY PEASY.  Like, so easy my dog could probably figure out how to make them.

If using paper towel tubes, cut them in half.  Leave the toilet paper tubes as is.

Then just stuff them with lint.





Voila.  Fire Starters.  Light a match to them and you’re good to go.


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