DIY: Make your own pet urine odor eliminator!


“Who, us?  We don’t know anything about any leg lifting…”

If you have dogs in your house, especially male dogs, you will want to try this!

This is the easiest solution to clean up pet messes.

(I actually recommend belly bands for male dogs to prevent these messes in the first place though!)

But here’s the easy recipe:

2 Parts water to 1 Part mouthwash

This just means use twice the amount of water as you do the mouthwash.


I used Listerine for two reasons.  First, it’s the strongest mouthwash on the market.  I mean, this stuff makes my eyes water.  And second, I have a lot of it because when I was couponing heavily a couple years ago, I got it for free and stocked up.  I knew it would come in handy for something!

I put the solution in my squirt bottle I bought at Walmart for 98¢ and sprayed away!


We keep baby gates up to keep them out of certain rooms, and for some unknown reason, they have a “marking contest” on the one gate!  Drives me insane!  So I sprayed the gate with this solution, and so far, none of our naughty little furkids have marked on it again!


“It wasn’t me… I’ve just been laying here… being a good boy…”


Maybe if I don’t make eye contact it will be more believable….


I was told to play dumb… soo…. Yo Quero Taco Bell?


    1. You should be able to, but I would test a small area first to be sure it will not stain your couch.

  1. Question: The mint Listerine has sorbitol in it. Since this is a sugar derivative will it draw ants to the spot you sprayed?

  2. Have you ever tried it to take the smell out of a dog run? Haveing a hard time finding something that will take the urine smell out of the rocks where the dogs pee and is safe for the dogs paws.

  3. Thank you so much for this tip, I had some Colgate mouthwash that I couldn’t use because it set my mouth on fire and made my eyes water tremendously. I sprayed once and I’ve noticed a big difference!! I’m gonna keep a bottle made up to have on hand. Thank you

  4. Hi, I have the same problem with my male and female. Do you think putting this formula in my steam cleaner would be safe? Somethings gotta give here. :(

  5. Thought this solution was too simple and no way it would work. I was totally wrong!
    My husband says I was a bloodhound in an after life cause I have such a sensitive nose. After spraying the solution thru out the house…NO SMELL from our 7 poodles!
    Can’t thank you enough and it doesn’t mess with my sinuses.

  6. Will the mouthwash deordourize the room in which the dog sleeps in? & how often would I need to use it? Also can it be sprayed directly on their bed? Thanks!

  7. I have tried the baking soda and vinegar and a week old pet urine stain and it doesn’t touch it. Have any of you tried other things? My next step is the mouthwash combo.

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