DIY: Make your own weed killer with this one household product!

About a month ago, BF and I were working outside, and I wanted to dig out a little kiddie pool we had stored away for our dogs.  Well, the pool was stuffed behind some bushes behind our house (in a hidden area).  I leaned over the bushes to grab the kiddie pool, and I instantly felt a burning and stinging sensation on my legs.  I had pants on, so I didn’t understand what was happening.  I ran inside and upstairs, and took my pants off, and I already had blisters all over my one leg.


What was happening?? I took pictures of the plant and posted them on my FB page, and not to my surprise, everyone flooded me with advice and educated me on what this plant was.  It was a stinging nettle.  I had never even heard of this thing before, and here it was in my back yard, attacking me.  BF said when he was doing yardwork a few days before, he got stung by it and it was all over his stomach.

If you’re not familiar with a stinging nettle, here’s what it looks like.  And I urge you to never touch it.  What a horrid little plant.




So immediately when I was stung by this thing, BF grabbed his gloves and goggles, and trash bags, and pulled it all up, by the roots and all.  This stupid plant stung him even through his gloves. It filled up two large black trash bags.  Eck!

We thought we were rid of this plant, until we noticed the other day that it was growing again, and quickly.  Since we have 5 small dogs, I do not like to use pesticides that could harm them, so I did a little research and found out that one of the zillion uses for white vinegar was to kill weeds!


So I filled up one of my spray containers (bought at Walmart for 98¢) with some white vinegar, and sprayed the heck outta these stinging nettle weeds!

Instant weed killer, with no pesticides.  Will update with a picture of them once they are nice and dead :)




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