DIY: Recycle your vitamin jars, use them for snacks!


I hate throwing away containers that are reusable.  So, I don’t :)

I just finished up this bottle of Centrum vitamins.  It was the largest one they make, it had 240 chews in it.

(They are the ones that look like gumballs, and taste like candy.. the only reason I take them daily, lol)


I was checking out the label to see how I would remove it, and guess what?  It just peels right off!


Gave it a quick wash, and voila!  A new, clean, empty plastic jar with lid.

Now what should I put in it?


Oh I know!  I just happen to have some chocolate bridge mix on hand :)

And the great thing about this container, is no one can put their hands in it!  That is a huge pet peeve of mine – people putting their grubby, unwashed hands into a bowl or bag of food.  This little bottle is for my desk, so when I am having a chocolate fix, I can just shake out a couple pieces!  And if anyone else wants any, they have to SHAKE them out, not put their grubby hands in it, lol.

Just what the doctor ordered, I’d say!


If you are a little more health conscious, this jar would be great for dried fruits, trail mixes, etc.

And would even be great for camping, taking to the movies, or for dog treats!

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