DIY: Sew a makeup organizer in less than 15 minutes!


Does your makeup drawer resemble something like this?


This has been my makeup drawer for too long!

This is actually a basket inside of my makeup drawer, but it took up the entire drawer.

When I would try to find something, things would fall out, my brushes would fall to the bottom of the basket, I could never find what I was looking for, and finally, I have had it!

Time to reorganize.

I chose two pieces of coordinating fabrics I had.  (If this floral print looks familiar, it’s also what I used to make my reusable wet makeup wipes, which I LOVE…)

So anyways, I cut out two pieces of fabric. I did not measure, I just eyeballed them. I wanted the inside piece (the yellow) to be slightly narrower than the floral piece.  I sewed them into tubes, so they were stitched along the wider sides, and open on the ends, and then I flipped them right side out.


I lined them up, and tucked the ends inside (the yellow inside the floral ends as well), and stitched all the way around.  I then lined up my makeup to see how wide I needed each “slot” to be, and stitched the yellow fabric to make the slots.


When I was done, all my makeup and my brushes had their own spots!


And, it rolls up so it will easily fit inside my drawer, and take up minimal space.

You could also add velcro to the ends, or ribbon to tie it closed, but I will be using this daily and don’t really need it.


This little project took less than 15 minutes, and now my makeup drawer is much more organized!

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