DIY: Unpaper Towels are washable and reusable!


These are available in my Etsy shop!

Don’t you just love these?  These are UN-PAPER towels, and they are my latest obsession!  You use them the same way you would paper towels, except you don’t throw them away.  You can re-wash them and re-use them over and over!  Keep them on your paper towel holder, and “tear” off a new towel when you need one!  They fasten to the next towel with a thin, 1/4″ strip of velcro.

How much do you spend on paper towels?   We are a family of 2 adults, 4 dogs, and 4 newly born puppies.  We go through paper towels like they are going out of style.  A 12pk of paper towels can cost $14.99, and you throw them away!  Think of all that money down the drain.

I’m making a different design for all the different rooms in the house that we use paper towels. So when I’m doing laundry, I know which room the towels go back in based on the design I made for each room.

My un-paper towels have absorbent terry cloth fabric on one side, and a cute print on the other side.

Everyone I show these to, loves them – so I’m in super-sewing mode and making a ton of these to sell at upcoming craft fairs.

First I cut out a bunch of towels to sew.  This stack had about 60 towels ready to be sewn.


4 different patterns!


Sewing some red hot chili pepper towels!


A stack sewn, and just awaiting velcro!  You could also use snaps in place of the velcro – I tried that at first, but I liked the velcro better.


The finished product!  LOVE!!   ♥♥♥


    1. No, because I use very thin strips of velcro, and I “close” the towels (attach the hook to the loop) before washing it. That way it also does not get tangled with any of my other laundry, either.

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