DIY: Upcycle a pair of jeans into an apron!


I’ve never owned an apron.   But I keep seeing really cute ones online, and I’m tempted to buy them, but then realize that (1) I’m too cheap to buy something like this that I can make myself and (2) would I really wear it?  My little Italian grandma always had an apron on.  She practically lived in them.  When she was home, she was always cooking, which meant she was always wearing an apron.  She didn’t have frilly cute ones, they were like a sleeveless jacket that buttoned up the front.  They weren’t cute to look at, but they were cute on her, because she was so cute!  I think about her a lot, and how I take after her in certain ways.  Like in the kitchen.  She taught me how to make my most favorite foods – like her home made chicken soup, cabbage soup, and so much more.  I spent so much time with her in the kitchen, but never followed her “always wear an apron” rule.

So today, I made myself an apron.  I’m in a bit of a DIY mode today anyways, so what better day to make one.  I went into BF’s closet and grabbed an old pair of his jeans.  (Have you noticed that all of my projects lately come from his closet? ha!)   I didn’t even think he’d notice, until I hear “are those MY jeans?”.  gulp.  

Me – “Yes, they are your old jeans that don’t fit you anymore.  You haven’t worn them in 3 years.”

Him – “Yeah but I plan on fitting into them again soon.  But go ahead, use what you want.  But just leave me a couple pairs ok?”

Me… “mmmmkay”.  Smile.

So I cut out some of the seams and made myself some coasters.

Then, onto my apron!  I cut out one of the pant legs, with the cuff of the pant leg being at the top.



I cut the pant leg at a slight angle.  I want the wider part at the bottom of the apron.


Here’s what it looks like opened up:


I chose a red rooster print for the trim around my apron.  If it looks familiar, it’s because I used it also for Swiffer pad refills and unpaper towels.

I hate pinning, so I just started stitching away, making my trim on all edges of the apron.  First sewing right sides together.


Then, flipping it over and stitching on the other side, tucking the raw edges in, so they won’t unravel.


Next, I had to make my ruffle.  I cut out some of my rooster fabric, and pretty much just made a long tube.  Then, I started sewing it underneath my apron, making tiny little pleats as I was sewing.


Then, I cut tiny little slits in the denim, because after I wash it, it will fray, and that’s the look I want.

If I had a wire brush, I would have brushed it so it would fray, but I don’t have one.  Boo.


Cute, no?


Then I just sewed on a couple straps at the waist, and one around the neck (which is adjustable with velcro), and I cut out two pockets from the jeans and sewed them to the front of the apron.

Voila!  A cute, ruffled, upcycled denim apron.  Had I taken a shower yet today, I would have modeled it for you.  But until then, this will have to do.

Grandma would be proud. ♥