DIY: Upcycle an old t-shirt into a cute ruffled scarf!


What can you do with an old t-shirt?  Well, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Today, I’m making a ruffled scarf.   First thing you need is an old t-shirt.  I stole yet another one from BF’s closet.  It’s wrinkled, because it was in a bag in his closet, filled with t-shirts that don’t fit him anymore, and he doesn’t want to throw them away, because he insists he will wear them again soon.   *Rolls eyes*

You need something of a circular shape for this.  A paper plate works well.  I had a roll of velcro and used one of the panels from an empty roll as my template.


Cut out as many as you can, and remember, you are actually cutting two circles at a time, because you’re getting both layers of the shirt, the front and back.

I *hate* cutting with scissors, so yes, I’m cheating.  I’m using my My-T-Fine electric scissors which I loooove.  Bought them on Amazon, they cut through paper, vinyl, denim, cotton, flannel, etc.   Did I mention I love them?




So after you cut out all of your circles, your shirt will look like this.



Next, you will want to start from the outer edge of the circles, and cut a swirl all the way around to the center of the circles.  You can leave them doubled up or separate the circles first. I doubled mine up, so less cutting.  You will want your strips to be about 2″ wide.


When they are separated after you cut them out, they will look like this.   Grab the center circle of each strip and layer them on top of each other, like this.


Then you’ll just sew a quick short strip across all the layers, where you had them all layered.


Just a quick stitch, like this.


When you are done, you’ll have a cute, ruffled scarf like this!


Ok, so mine is a little too long.  I  will probably end up cutting them to make them shorter.  My problem was my circles were too large.  I will use smaller circles next time, and I’ll get more of them out of the shirt, which will make the scarf a little fuller.   Live and learn, right?


I also cut a strip of the leftover shirt and tied  little knot towards the top.   I think it turned out cute.  What do you think?

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