DIY: Upcycle denim jeans to make coasters!


I’ve been sewing and making crafts since I was just a little girl. I even still have my very first sewing machine!  I’m also a fabric collector.  (Not hoarder, only because my fabric is stored very neatly and I use it daily).  I have a closet in my craft room that has 4 large bins of “scrap material” because I know that eventually, I will be able to use it for something!

I’ve been using denim lately for my crafts, using upcycled jeans, and the part that always gets thrown away is the thick seams.  Yes, these are another pair of BF’s old jeans.  RIP.

So I cut out the seams like this.


And I’m left with all these strips of seams that would typically get thrown away.  Until now.


Get out the ol’ hot glue gun!


Next thing you know, you have a denim coaster!  Can be used for hot drinks, or make an even bigger one and use it as a trivet on your table!

I used mine for my home made soy candle!


You can use either hot glue like I did, or you can use fabric glue, which would probably be best, because it’s safer.   Hot glue BURNS, and I have the blister to prove it.