DIY: Washable Swiffer type wet jet pads!


Are you wasting money and filling landfills with your disposable Swiffer Wet Jet pads?  I no longer buy refills for products like my Swiffer Wet Jet, Lysol hand soaps, etc.  I make the refills myself (at a tiny fraction of the cost of the expensive refills).  I also have eliminated the use of most of the paper towels in my home, with un-paper towels.

Now I’ve found an easy way to make my own refill pads for my Swiffer Wet Jet.   We have two of the Swiffer Wet Jets in the house, one for each floor, plus we have the Swiffer Sweeper.  I had coupons for the Wet Jets, so I thought they were a pretty good deal when I combined them with store sales.  But then I needed refills and my jaw dropped when I found out the prices of the refill pads!    I’ve seen them priced up to $10 for 12 stinkin’ refill pads!  Ummm… I don’t think so!  Who’s going to pay that price for pads you use once and throw away?  Not this chick.

So I have been going through my fabric stash and I had lots of cute cotton prints, and I also had some terry cloth fabric.  I used one of the refill pads as a template and cut out my fabrics.  I used the cotton print on one side, and the uber-absorbant terry cloth on the other.  I sewed them up, and put 2 strips of LOOP velcro on them.  The Swiffer Wet Jets have hook velcro on the bottoms, so all you need is the loop velcro and they stick just fine.  And, when you wash them, since it’s just the loop velcro on them, they won’t stick to anything else in your wash.


I will never buy those expensive refill pads!  I will make my own, and wash them and re-use them over and over!