Fashion DIY: Upcycle an old t-shirt into a scarf / fabric necklace


Have an old t-shirt laying around?  Here’s another version of a fabric necklace / scarf.  This one is really full looking.

First thing you do, is grab an old t-shirt. (None with stains, tears, unless you can cut around them).

Cut out a big ol’ circle out of the middle.  As big as you can get it.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Mine looks more like an egg, now that I look at it, lol.


Find a starting spot, and cut all the way around, in a spiral, without breaking the circle.  So basically when you are done, you will have one LONG string of t-shirt.


Actually, since the shirt is doubled, you will have TWO long strings of t-shirt.   They will resemble a pile like this.






Now just separate the strings, and make as many layers as you like, and at any length.  When you are done, just sew a quick stitch at the part that will be behind your neck to keep them together.



I would totally rock this with a cute top and a pair of jeans!


Do you just love it?

You’re Welcome.  :)

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