Healthy frozen yogurt blueberries!


Who’s up for a really yummy, healthy snack?  These are frozen greek yogurt blueberries, and they are so easy!  We have been trying to eat healther, and finding satisfying, healthy snacks is not all that easy.  We love yogurt and blueberries, so these will hit the spot.  These will also be great to pack in BF’s lunch for a mid-morning snack. (With an ice pack of course)

Just grab your favorite yogurt (I used Fage Total 2% Greek yogurt), your blueberries (other berries would work too!), and a sheet pan.


You will also probably want a skewer or toothpick to dip the berries in the yogurt.  Then just put the berry on the skewer, give it a couple swirls in your yogurt, and plop it down on the baking sheet.


One down, a zillion more to go.


Ok, not a zillion more.  And it didn’t take a long as you’d think.  But after about 3 of these I did have to sit down though, so I moved it over to the dining room table to finish.


Then just put them in the freezer.  After about an hour, some of them were still not hardened (to my surprise) so I left them in for a couple of hours.


Then I just popped them right off baking sheet and put them in my airtight container.

Where or where would I be without my Lock & Lock containers!  Love these things.

Then I just put them back in the freezer for later consumption!  These are SO yummy!



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