Hints & Tips to clean and organize your fridge!


Cleaning the fridge is one of those “I’ll get to it tomorrow” kind of things, and then tomorrow doesn’t happen for quite a while.  I don’t let it go too long between cleanings though,  because a yucky fridge is just really gross to me.  And nothing will get me to clean it faster than when a certain someone (who will remain unnamed) spills yucky, sticky stuff and it drips down the side of one of the fridge shelves.  Can we say maple syrup?  Yeah, that’s loads of fun when that gets stuck to a shelf.

So my first order of business is to remove all the shelves and drawers.  I let the glass shelves sit on the counter for a few minutes before washing them in hot sudsy water, because I don’t want them to go into heat shock and crack on me.  I’ve had glass break right in my hands before when it went from cold to hot or hot to cold very quickly.  I know these glass shelves say they are tempered glass, but I’m not taking any chances either way.

After I take out the drawers and shelves, I give the walls a good cleaning.  I used hot sudsy water and a little baking soda.


I got a little zealous cleaning, and my wet rag touched one of the light bulbs and POP! Shattered bulb. So be careful!

I wash my shelves and drawers right in my kitchen sink with hot sudsy water.  The sprayer hose makes it so much easier.   I read recently that you shouldn’t wash your fridge shelves with soap because it will make your food taste like soap.  Umm….huh?   That just makes no sense to me.  You wash your dishes with soap, don’t you?  And your airtight containers that you store in your fridge, don’t you?  If they don’t taste like soap, why would your shelving make your food taste like soap?




I bought some fridge storage containers a couple years ago at an organization store at the mall, and I LOVE these things.

My favorite one is the egg container.  The only thing I don’t understand, is that it holds 14 eggs.  When is the last time you bought a 14-pk of eggs?

Anyways, my “tip” on these egg containers is to cut out the date from the original paper carton, and place it in the front of your plastic egg container.  I do this every time I refill it with a new package of eggs.  I don’t like guessing on when eggs have expired, and I don’t have the time to do the “egg test”.  So I like seeing a date for when they expire.




Not to mention, the plastic container looks so much nicer in the fridge!

I re-arrange the shelves in my fridge every time I clean it out.  It’s like re-arranging furniture for a new look.  If you move the shelves around, it feels like a new fridge every time you clean it :)


I have a couple other plastic fridge storage containers in here.  They contain BF’s lunch foods.  Yogurt, applesauce, cold cuts, etc.  I make his lunches, and this makes it easier to find everything for his lunch in one spot.

And a new box of opened baking soda always gets placed on a shelf.  Baking soda is awesome in absorbing food smells.


As I clean out the fridge, I throw out all expired stuff, obviously.  And we really need to go grocery shopping!  I need some fresh produce in here!

While cleaning the fridge, I realized we have 5 open containers of mayo and 3 bottles of the same salad dressing.  All unexpired.  How did this happen?


And don’t forget the door shelves!  They are removable and washable too!  You’d be surprised how much stuff drips in them!

Now I get to have fun buying groceries and filling the fridge again :)

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