How to EASILY shorten jeans, and keep the original hems intact!


I am a thrift store junkie, and I love clothes.  I especially love jeans.  There’s nothing like a comfy pair of great-fitting jeans, right?  How many times have you picked up a pair of jeans, tried them on, LOVED the fit, but didn’t buy them because they are too long?  Everyone says that jeans are too hard to alter.  Not just because they are so thick, but because you’ll never get that “jean hem” when you hem them yourself.

Well get out your scissors, your pins and your sewing machine, because I’m going to teach you otherwise!

First, you will need to try on those jeans, and figure out exactly how much you need taken off.  On these jeans, I needed 4″ taken off.  So I roll up the cuff of the jeans, and measured out HALF of that – so 2″.  Measuring as I went, I pinned all the way around at 2″.  (I *hate* pinning).


Then, I started sewing, as close as I could get to the original hem.  Make sure you don’t sew over any pins.



I have an industrial machine, and it is not easy to sew things that are this narrow, so my line is not completely straight, but it still did the job.  If this was a really good pair of jeans, I would just use my other machine.


Then just grab your scissors, and cut close to the line you just sewed, but not too close!   Just cut off that excess fabric.


When you are done, you will have shortened your jeans like this, and you have kept the original hem intact!   No one will know your little secret 😉



  1. I’ve got to try this! It’ll save me $$ instead of paying someone to hem! Great idea and easy to do! Thanks much!

  2. This is a great idea! Just one question though….how does it work on jeans with a boot cut, where it is wider at the bottom? Any idea of how to absorb in the extra material? Thanks!

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