How to make PERFECTLY shredded chicken! SO EASY it will blow your mind.


I make a lot of recipes that call for “shredded” meat.   I have to admit, in the past I’ve avoided these recipes because I HATE shredding meat.  Especially hot meat.  There’s nothing enjoyable about burning your hands to shred meat.  Well, I’ve finally found the easiest, most simple solution ever!!

First, I cook my meat.  In this case, we are having chicken tacos tonight (a favorite family meal), and I forgot to thaw out some chicken from the freezer.  So, I grabbed my frozen chicken breasts, and put them in my pressure cooker with some water, and in about 30 minutes, perfectly cooked chicken breasts.  Now, when I took them out of the pressure cooker they were still whole breasts.  So I grabbed my slotted spoon and transferred them from my pressure cooker to my stand mixer, and put on the paddle attachment, and turned it on, low speed.



Mixed it for about a minute, if that… and voila!  Perfectly shredded chicken!

*mind blown*  right?  Why did I not think of this sooner?!


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