How to store berries, and keep them fresh for longer!


We live in NY, and we don’t get fresh berries all year long, so I take full advantage of all the fresh fruits & veggies during the summer.   I can’t tell you how disappointing it is, to buy some berries, put them in the fridge when I get home, and take them out the very next day, to find they have already started molding.  Blech!  It’s disappointing AND a waste of money.

Well I no longer have to deal with that, as I’ve figured out the perfect solution.  All you need is an airtight container and a few paper towels.

This is my favorite container.  It’s a flat lock & lock, that’s just about 2″ high.


Just lay down a few paper towels in the bottom of the container.


Then, just lay out your berries in a single layer.  Make sure they are not setting on top of each other.


Then just put the airtight lid on, and place in fridge.  If your paper towel gets damp, replace with another dry one.

Your berries will not just last one day anymore, they will last about 5 or 6 days.

NOTE:  DO NOT wash your berries before storing.  Wash them ONLY right before you are ready to eat them.

Keeping them dry is essential to keeping them mold-free as long as possible.



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