New collection of reusable Swiffer-style pads!



Whew! It’s been a loooong day.  Not only did I make a couple new rolls of unpaper towels, but I also made a whole bunch of reusable & washable Swiffer-style pads.  68 of them, to be exact!  They have terry cloth on the bottom and a cute print on top.  They also have loop velcro on top so they will adhere to the bottoms of the Swiffer mops and similar styles of wet mops.  And since they only have loop velcro, they will not stick to anything else in your wash.

These are my most popular item in my Etsy shop. I’m constantly having to restock my Etsy shop, and these are also a big hit at the craft shows which I will be attending soon!


What’s your favorite print?

Roosters, Corn, Apples, Vintage Kitchen, Asian, Blue Flowers, Green Flowers, Vintage Cars, Pink Cupcakes, Dots & Flowers, Chili Peppers or Recycle Print?  (I’m almost completely out of the Recycle print, that one was VERY popular!)


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