New Un-Paper Towels for craft show!


I’ve signed up to do another craft show, and it’s next weekend!  I almost didn’t sign up for it, because I have the big one the following weekend, but I figured I would try this one on the 26th, and if I sell out, I will just have to really hustle so I have enough product for my Nov. 2nd show.

Today I’ve been working on Un-Paper towels (since these are such big sellers and great conversation starters at my shows) and my Swiffer pads.

These are three rolls of un-paper towels I made today, and this time I used colored terry cloth for the backing, instead of the white.

I actually love the colored terry cloth on these, it really made these look so much more beautiful, don’t you think?

The blue flowered one has velcro, the other two have plastic snaps.


unpaperblueflower1 unpapergreenflower2 unpaperflower1

Now on to finish a stack of Swiffer pads!  Let me know what you think of these unpaper towels.  Which one is your favorite, and do you prefer snaps or velcro?    Out of this bunch, the 3rd roll – the one with the orange flowers is my favorite.  So Fall looking!


    1. You use them in place of regular paper towels. Regular paper towels, you use once and throw away. You use these over and over again. They are washable and reusable.

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