Organizing a sewing and craft room!

What can I say, I’ve been a BUSY little bee this weekend!  My goal was to clean up and reorganize my entire fabric / sewing / crafting room and supplies.

Mission accomplished!!  Yay me!

And the best part, is it did not cost me a thing.  I had all the supplies already here, I just had to repurpose some of them!

I have 2 adjoining rooms that I use for my crafting/sewing and storage.  Actually, 3 rooms.  But these pics show two rooms.  A green room (which is where I actually sew and do my crafts) and the gray room is storage.

This rack just got moved, and the shelves were adjusted so I can have the bolts of fabric standing upright.  It makes it so much easier to find the fabrics I’m looking for.


Do you love the little wooden sewing machine on the floor?  It even has a lid that flips up so I can stash stuff in it.  My mom picked that up at a thrift store or yard sale or something.  Perfect for my room!


I had all of these bins – some were used, some were empty.  I did a little emptying and moving and reorganizing, and voila!  Organization.  I love it.  Everything has it’s own little home now.  My sewing notions are together, my candle supplies are together, everything has a place of its own now.


On the right shelving unit, I have my wax in the gray rubbermaid bin on the bottom, and my other candle supplies in the box next to it.  The two racks above it are some of my future “upcycled candle jars”.  I have more downstairs, going to clean them out later and put them on these shelves.  These are all cleaned, but some just need the labels removed.  Above that, are my candles!!  I love my candles.   Even with the lids on, this room smells so good!

On the top rack are my un-paper towels! I sell these in my Etsy shop as well as at craft fairs.


On the other side of the room, I have my overstock bolts of fabrics, craft fabrics, rolls of velcro, and my shipping supplies.


My thread has a new home!


Now, my actual craft / cutting table is a WORK IN PROGRESS.   I had these 4′ long tables already, as I use them for my craft fairs.  But BF is going to make me an actual table.  I’ve been explaining to him exactly what I want (I have it envisioned perfectly, why can’t I convey the images in my head to him exactly?)  So hopefully soon I will have a brand new table WITH STORAGE so I can show you all!  But for now, I have my cutting mat on the right table, and my crafting table is to the left.   And yes, I have chairs, but I’m getting stools for this room this week.


And to the left of my table, is another 4-drawer storage and then my ribbon organizer!  My dad made that for me (and mom painted it, gotta give her credit too!)  I use it every day, and it’s exactly what I needed for my ribbon.   And you can’t really tell from the glare, but I have a couple candles on top of it.  One is just about burned out though, lol.


So that’s what I have been up to this weekend.  I still have a lot to do, but I got a lot accomplished, and it feels so good to be organized again!


  1. I’m halfway to having my quilting room organized. I have 2 rooms but they aren’t close together. if they were I’d be tempted to knock down the wall and make myself one huge room instead of 2 average sized rooms. I’m also using clear bins and wire racks like you are. They make working in my quilt room so much easier. I can pick out my fabric and get to my supplies so much faster now that I can see through the bins to what is inside. I have an old glass showcase left to me by my mother that I put my finished quilts in so that they don’t get cat hairs on them from our 2 black beauties.

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