Recipe: 3-ingredient baby food Dog Treats!



I’ve been on a real “DIY” mission lately, and that includes the pups!   I’m so sick of buying expensive, unhealthy treats for our dogs.  We have 6 dogs (can’t believe I’m admitting that) but yes, we do.  4 chihuhuas, a 12-year old min-pin, and a 9 year old mutt.  Our 2 adult chihuahuas had puppies on August 30th of this year.   She had 4 puppies, and we found wonderful homes for two of them, and ended up keeping the other 2 boys.   If you know chihuahuas, you know how finicky they are.  It’s so hard to find a food or a treat that they ALL like.   So that was my mission.  And to my surprise, it was extremely easy!

I’ve seen so many different recipes online for home made dog treats, and I finally came up with a recipe that all 6 of our dogs absolutely LOVE.  Here it is:

  • 2 jars of baby food (that do NOT contain any onion).  I chose sweet potato and chicken dinner.
  • 1 cup of quick oats
  • 1 cup of wheat flour (or any flour you’d like to use)



I mixed all these ingredients up in a bowl, and when it was mixed, the dough was really sticky, which was just how I wanted it.  You can cut these out in little dog bone shapes with a cookie cutter, or round pieces, or even little bite-sized squares.  I couldn’t find my dog bone cookie cutter, and I was trying to do this really quickly, so I just spread out the dough on a sheet of parchment paper and put another piece of parchment paper on top of it, and used the rolling pin to spread it out into a thin layer.

Then, I got my pizza cutter and cut out long strips, and then cut those strips in half.  They weren’t perfect, but our dogs are only picky about flavor, not presentation :)


I baked these in my oven that was preheated at 350º for 20-25 minutes.  Once they cooled, I introduced our little tribe to these biscuit strips.  They went nuts over them!!  Seriously – they were begging for more!  Every single dog loved these.  I have finally found the new HEALTHY treats for our dogs!   I may try adding different things next time – like 1/2 a cup of peanut butter, or even little bacon pieces for an extra treat.   This recipe is very versatile, so add whatever your dog loves!

This is Cody, one of our chihuahua pups eating his:


This 3-ingredient recipe is SO easy, and I’m sure your dog will love them!  You could also bake these and put them in a cute container, and give them as gifts to friends who have furbabies!   They are sure to love them!



  1. So I made these and my chihuahuas loved them too!!! I got really sneaky though and those chewable doggy vitamins I beg them to eat lol….well I crushed up a few of those into powder and mixed it in with the full recipe lol…and baked as suggested and they still LOVED THEM!!!! And finally I got them yo take thier daily vitamins!

  2. I will get the ingredients to make these tomorrow. I have 8 dogs (also 2 cats). They include 2 mixed Lab/Pits, Mixed Rottie, Mixed Chow, 3 Jack Russells and a smaller terrier mix. All rescues – my husband calls me the Elly Mae Clampett of the neighborhood. Because I have so many dogs, you can imagine (oh that’s right, you know first hand) how much these treats can cost. I buy good Lamb/Rice dog food for them all, but then I give them the cheap treats with the bad fillers. Makes no sense. Also 2 of my Jacks have skin allergies, and I do not think the treats I currently give them helps in any way. Thank you for the recipe :)

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