Recipe: 3-ingredient Cucumber and Tomato salad, so easy!



One of my favorite summer treats!  Not a treat in the sweet sense, but a treat I really enjoy in the summer none the less.  Cucumber salad.  You can enjoy this all year around, but being in NY, the ingredients are freshest in the summer when they are in season.

All you need is cucumbers, tomatoes, and your favorite Italian dressing.    I like Wish Bone the best, but you can use any kind.  And it doesn’t have to be Italian dressing, that’s just how I make mine.  I also buy the big, juicy tomatoes, because the juice from the tomatoes is where you get most of the flavor.


First, cut up your cucumbers.  Sometimes I slice them, sometimes I cut them into random pieces.  Today I sliced them, and put them in my airtight container.

Now here’s the weird thing about me.  I don’t like to eat tomatoes.  I don’t like the taste, but I like the flavor.  Does that make any sense?  Probably not.  But that’s how I roll 😀

So since I don’t want tiny little pieces of tomatoes to pick out of my salad, I just cut the tomatoes into 1/4’s and squeeze as much of the juice out of them as I can, into my airtight container with the cucumbers, and break them up into slightly smaller pieces.  Then I throw in the tomatoes themselves.

Next, just add your dressing.  Just enough to coat everything in the container, and maybe a little extra.  Then just place the container in the fridge until you’re ready to eat!

I make a big container of them, and eat some for days until it’s gone.  This is also great to pack in a lunch for work.   The longer they marinate, the better it gets.  If you haven’t tried this ridiculously simple yet delicious recipe yet, you are missing out!



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