Recipe for Macaroni Grill’s Chicken Scaloppine with Pompeian Olive Oil!


As part of a mission from Smiley360, I received a 24 oz bottle of Pompeian Extra Virgin olive oil.  My mission was to create a dish that highlights this product.  I decided to make MY version of Macaroni Grill’s Chicken Scaloppine.

First, I started my boiling water for my pasta in one pot.  I used thin spaghetti, but you can use whatever pasta you want.

Then in a skillet, I added a little Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and my Baby Bella mushrooms.

BF doesn’t like mushrooms, so I kept them separated from the rest of the meal.


Then I sliced up a chicken breast width-wise into medallians, and then pounded them flat and thin.   I put about a cup of flour into a bowl, and dredged my chicken in the flour.  Then I added Pompeian Olive Oil into the pan to heat.


Then I cooked my chicken!   Pompeian Olive Oil cooked them up so nicely.  I made them crispy, just how we like it.


In my other pan, I turned the heat way down on the mushrooms and just finished sweating them out while I finished everything else.


After I removed the chicken from the pan, I added my artichoke hearts, prosciutto, and capers and let them cook all the way through.  I cooked them up nice and crispy, how we like them, and then removed them from the heat too.


In a separate sauce pan, I  made my lemon butter sauce.  I melted down one stick of butter in my saucepan.   Then in a small bowl, I mixed 1 cup of cold water with about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.  I whisked the water & lemon juice and added about a teaspoon of flower, and whisked again.  In the saucepan, when the butter was completely melted, I added another teaspoon of flour and whisked it in the pan.  Then I very slowly whisked in the water & lemon juice mixture.  I turned the heat down and let it heat all the way through and thicken. Whisking it repeatedly throughout this process keeps your butter from breaking up and separating, which you do NOT want to happen.


This lemon butter sauce doesn’t separate and has wonderful flavor.  This is a great sauce for not only chicken, but also veggies and fish, too!


Then I grabbed my plates and I put my pasta down first, then the chicken.  Then I put the crispy artichokes, capers and prosciutto over the chicken, and last, I added the lemon butter sauce over the entire dish.


My dish looks slightly different because I added the mushrooms to it.


I’m not one to toot my own horn, but…. TOOT-TOOT !!!  This meal was amazeballs!  I’m not kidding you – every bite my boyfriend took, he closed his eyes, groaned a little bit and kept saying “WOW!”.  He said he wants this dish every week, lol!   It was delicious!!  My boyfriend said it was way better than the Macaroni Grill’s version.  Now I don’t know about that, but it really was outstanding, if I do say so myself :)

The Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil really gave the chicken, mushrooms, and the entire dish a smooth, buttery flavor.  I’ve always known the Pompeian brand of oil to be a high quality oil, and once again they did not disappoint.  I can’t wait to roast some veggies with Pompeian oil, they are going to be so delicious.  You get that buttery taste without any butter!   For Thanksgiving, I plan on using Pompeian Olive oil to dip some fresh Italian bread in.

I’m pretty sure this bottle of oil is going to go rather quickly, so I’m going to hurry and print a $1.00 coupon off my next bottle!  Would you like a $1 coupon off a bottle of Pompeian Olive Oil?  Click here to get the coupon from Smiley360!  Remember, the holidays are coming up and they will be here before you know it.  Don’t skimp on cheap oil when cooking for friends and family.  Get a quality oil from Pompeian, and get it for $1.00 off.  And if you like Pompeian on Facebook, you can even score some more coupons off their products.

Disclaimer: I received product to review, free of charge, from Pompeian and  However, all comments and opinions are my own.  I only recommend products I think will benefit my readers.

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