Repurposed food jars to make home made candles today!


I spent a couple hours today working on new batches of candles!   I really love making candles.  It’s fun, and it makes the whole house smell AWESOME.  I’ve been collecting jars of all sorts for my candle making, and my mom has been collecting them for me as well.  Every time I see her, she has more empty jars for me to use for candles.  Of course, she benefits, because I keep giving her more candles :)

I made several different batches today, but only made three different scents.  Butterscotch Pudding, Pecans and Pralines, and Axe Kilo (for BF).

These are the candles shortly after I poured them.  I have plastic knives holding the wicks in place.


About an hour after I poured them, and you can see how they are starting to set.


A few hours later, and they are pretty much set, except for the two in the back – the Butterscotch Pudding.  Those were the last ones I poured, and are not set yet.


Another things I love about making candles is repurposing all types of jars!  The biggest jars I have are from artichoke hearts.  This jar is a tall, skinny one and it had capers in it.


Some of these jars I’m not even sure what was in them, my mom gave them to me.  I think some had peppers in them, sauce, etc.  The wider jars, I put two wicks in them, but the smaller and thinner jars just have one wick.

I also make these to sell at craft shows, but lately we’ve been using so many of them at home, I don’t have many to bring to the craft shows!  But that’s ok, I love having a home that smells delicious!

What products do you repurpose in your home?


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