Upcoming DIY project, to refinish this bench I received for free!



My neighbor, an old man that’s nearing 100 years old, his daughters moved him out of his house and had to put him in a nursing home. They have been fixing up the house (I’m assuming getting ready to sell it) and yesterday they had a dumpster out front and they were emptying the house. This morning, I wake up and see they put this bench at the curb.  I ran and told BF I wanted it, and he just went over and asked if they were throwing it away, and they said yes, and take whatever we want. So it’s MINE! She said it was in his basement for over 50 years. I can’t wait to clean it, paint it, and fix it up. I see a new DIY project coming up!! Going to make it so cute! Seat lifts up for storage, too.

It needs a good cleaning, it’s very dusty.  So I’m going to thoroughly clean it, then either paint or stain it, and I want to make a cushion for on top of it.

Would you have passed this up or taken it?


Oh, and they were also throwing away a speaker, and BF is a musician and wanted it, so he scored something free too :)

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